13 August 2012

An array of artists

While I'm waiting to find the time to finish my last two pix from the workshop, here are a few photos of various examples of everyone's work. We had 14 women (plus Brenda) in this group, and the styles, ideas, and execution are all so different and fun! I took these with my cell phone camera, so the photos are not the best, but you can still see the creativity involved...

Among these are morning exercises, experiments with tools (for instance, doing the same image using pencil, permanent ink, and water-soluble ink/Tombow pens), and sketch journaling.

By the way, Brenda did ask permission to group and photograph these, and then the rest of us followed suit, so I don't think I'm violating anyone's privacy or copyright by putting these up. (Also, you would have to be motivated enough to go after them with a magnifying glass to read anything but the titles.) But if someone from the workshop sees them and thinks otherwise, please tell me and I will take them down immediately!

(There are a few repeats from photo to photo, because not everyone realized we were changing pages and photographing again.)

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