17 August 2013

Green food!

Painting madly, trying to get done THIS WEEKEND with the rest of the cookbook illustrations, because I have other things to do, and I need to move on! (SO many other things to do--it turns out deciding to take a trip out of the country immediately makes necessary a whole host of things I'd been putting off and now must finish before I leave!)

Today's theme is GREEN. Not on purpose, I just picked four things to paint today and they all happened to be from the same color palette. So much so, in fact, that I had to change some of the greens so that things weren't so monochromatic.

First, herbs. I have to admit to a little insecurity--I was afraid no one would be able to tell what they were for sure, so I labeled them. Ornamentally, but labeling nonetheless.

Second, olive oil! This was a request from the cookbook compiler, because she said A. there are several recipes with olive oil so I could use it anywhere, and B. "I like the reflections on the glass." Well, so do I, but they're not the easiest.

I went back to drawing with pen today, the glass reflections notwithstanding. I still got some in there, but it is harder to work around the hard line when it comes to glass.

So, what did I decide to do for my next painting? A jar of pickles! Talk about your interesting reflective challenges! Didn't quite pull it off, but got pretty close, and I love the lime green pickle "juice" color.

I have a little of the "lean to the left--lean to the right" thing going on with the olive oil and the pickles, I can see now that they are scanned and posted. Oh, well, they will be on separate pages, and besides...it gives them a bit of quirky personality! (That's what I tell myself when I can't draw a straight line: It's quirky.)

Tomorrow: Quiche (yellow), watermelon (pink and, well, yes, green) and chocolate chip cookie ingredients (none of them green). Whew!


  1. Yes they do lean a bit but I thought they were dancing! I liked them very much

  2. I actually quite like things that aren't quite straight, it gives them character! Great illustrations.

  3. The olive oil bottle is terrific! I love the reflections.

  4. I love everything green...hence I like everything on this post :D