04 January 2015

Day two: Breakfast out, and a selfie

Our next assignment for Sketchbook Skool is simply to carry around our sketchbook and pen and document our week! To draw stuff that comes across our attention in ordinary, everyday life and make a visual record.

I decided my big sketchbook was too unwieldy to carry around for the next six weeks, so I went to the art store and treated myself to a smaller one (9x9), and then went out to breakfast. An old standard--Du-par's coffee shop--has opened up in a new location--Encino (where John O'Groats used to be), so I decided to try it out. Nice surroundings, and the usual basic coffee shop food. I got a two-person table by a window with good light, so I sat and drew for a while.

I drew with a Micron #8, and then put in the shading with Tombow pens. They make more of a hard edge than I wanted (I'm used to manipulating watercolor), but were fun to use. Some wonky shapes here, but that's what you get with contour drawing.

Later that same day…

Since I have been sick, my brain has been on autopilot, and I woke up today to realize that I hadn't sent any thank you notes for Christmas gifts. I decided that I would use my need for documentary drawings as incentive, so the first thing I drew was a picture of me (using a selfie photo as template), wearing my new ear muffs that my cousin Carol Sue gave me. I hate hat head but also dislike cold ears, so these work great. Thanks, Cos!

This is fun! More later…

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