19 June 2015

EDiJ: Transportation

I have been so busy with (and therefore so exhausted by) Teen Summer Reading that I haven't done too much sketching or painting lately, but the prompt "transportation" came up at the same time that a FB artist I follow went to Cuba and posted a bunch of wonderful photos of his trip, so I used one of his wife with an old American car (the use of which abounds in Havana) as inspiration for this painting. I know that our technology is better, and it's good these gas guzzlers are off the road here…but one could wish that American cars still had this level of pizzazz.

This is from James Richards's photo, and the model on the left is Patti Grogan Richards. I'm afraid I slighted my attention to her somewhat, since the car was the star of this painting! I think she will forgive me…

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