03 July 2015

Every day in July

It's Day 3 already, and I missed doing days one and two. The prompt today was "desert life," so I decided to do a drawing of a desert hare, otherwise known as a black-tailed jackrabbit.

I usually draw a minimalist, contour drawing with pen and then supply the details with paint, but this time I decided to concentrate on making the drawing more complete. I was going to post that; but then I just couldn't resist painting those gigantic, translucent, apricot-colored ears because they're so spectacular. So here is my drawing...

and my painting:

For this subject (something with fur), I probably should have done my drawing in pale pencil so that there would be no hard edges when I went to paint fur, but…hindsight. I am in awe of people who have both the skill and the patience to draw wildlife and reproduce with pen or pencil each individual hair. That's not me! But I still admire them greatly.

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