18 June 2016

Quick sketching

Another week has gone by with no art in it. I don't like it when my week is so stressful that I'm either too busy or too tired to paint. So today, when I went to the hair salon, I took along my sketchbook, inspired by artist Don Low, who has lately been posting some great quick contour line drawings of random people, done at (of all places) the library. (I should take a break at work and try that...but I'm afraid our regulars would accuse me of stalking them.)

I find people challenging to draw--I'm not great with their proportions (the heads nearly always turn out oversize), and they move around a lot! But I did my best, and here's my five-minute sketch from Ooh La La! hair salon today. (I watercolored from memory when I got home.)

Oh, and BLONDE has been restored, which always makes me feel better/more myself!

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