08 October 2016

New Palette

Well, the plan for today was: Go to the chiropractor, eat breakfast, do some chore-type things, make a new watercolor palette, and finish my giant painting from last weekend's workshop. I did the first and the second, did a little painting out of order with my old paints on some postcards, and then...I took a nap. A three-hour nap. I guess a three-day art workshop preceded and followed by a five-day work week makes you tired!

Here's the thank-you postcard, featuring the books I received
as gifts from Kirsten, which I mailed to her today.
(She's on vacation in New Orleans, so she won't see it until
she gets home, unless she looks at this blog, which I highly doubt,
with beignets and absinthe to distract her.)

Now that the light is leaving us earlier, I knew I wouldn't still have time to get stuck into my big leftover Paul Jackson painting after my nap, but I did have time to put together my new Paul Jackson palette of paints that I bought myself as a birthday gift! So I pulled out a spare palette I had sitting around the house and filled 'er up.

Paul has plans to develop five more colors, he says, because his favorite palette has 24 slots but he made 19 colors. My new palette only has 20 slots, however, so it was perfect for this project...with one exception. Upon consideration of his 19 colors, it becomes apparent that Paul is one of those artists who believes all greens should be mixed. I mostly tend to agree with that, because mixed greens are so much prettier and more flexible than flat colors straight out of the tube.

There is one green, however, which I cannot do without--it's a feature in many of my sketches and paintings, and hard to mix. So, luckily for me, there was one slot left in my Paul Jackson-only palette, and I committed the heresy of adding in my Holbein Leaf Green.

Here it is, ready to go!

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