24 July 2011

Condiments on a restaurant table

Challenge #319
Of course, I created my own restaurant scenario at home, so this is on my old picnic table on my patio. It was hard not to overwork this--that's the trouble with watercolor, you always want to do just a bit more, but end up obscuring the highlights you need. The ketchup bottle was particularly challenging because of the reflections and what color to make them. Likewise, the salt shaker, which was clear glass through which you could see the salt and the mustard bottle--what to leave white, what to make gray, when to stop. Not to mention that the perspective on the lids to the salt and pepper is significantly different, even though they were almost on the same plane. (We will just say that the waitress replaced one of them crookedly after she filled them!) And the table is painted white, but it was all too much the same, so I used my brush with some dirty water to dull it down a bit. Oh well...a good exercise!

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