22 October 2012

Fall Sunday

No new paintings this weekend--I was otherwise preoccupied--but a couple of snapshots. This is the burst of blooms that greets October along the side of my house--asters that bloom once a year, and almost always open on my birthday early in the month. They are really coming into their own now, a few weeks in, and still have a couple of weeks to go before they get cut down to the ground to start over for next year. These all grew from one small 9-inch pot!

The preoccupation this weekend was with Beatrice, my cat, whose health issues are unfortunately not over, and whose outlook is shorter than I had hoped. But today she went out on the patio of her own incentive, jumped up on my little wicker sofa, and spent a few hours sleeping, watching other cats out in the yard, and sniffing the breeze. A good day.