22 January 2019

Bits and pieces

Here are a few bits and pieces from the end of the week and the weekend; some class work and class goofing off, and an "urban sketch" from a Monday play date with a tardy friend.

Another, slightly better (but not final) take on my "Persephone" parts-and-whole project for class.

A doodley grid of items in case I decided to do the "Honey" project instead (but I think I'm sticking with Persephone).

I ran out of things to sketch and was waiting to use the grinder to bevel the edges of my zinc plates, so I filled the time by sketching my earnestly laboring classmates in front of me.

And from Monday, a new café discovery in Eagle Rock, with some tasty veg and vegan fare. My friend Erica got lost and showed up late, so I had the time to sketch this fellow, looking at his phone while his partner ordered their breakfast at the counter. It's a cheery little place—I love yellow.

And that's it for now!