19 August 2011

Challenge 322--something related to what you do

Everyone (including me) seems to be concluding that sentence with "for a living." I work as a teen librarian, and I am in the process of sprucing up my teen area, including new paint, furniture and decor. (I won a grant from the state library to finance the project.) I bought an area rug chosen by the teens, and am using it as the color scheme, keying everything off of it. Here is a picture of the rug:

The furniture will all be pale wood, with chrome legs, but the seats of the chairs will be teal, purple, and lime green (seven chairs in teal, seven in purple, and seven in lime green) (they're biodegradable linoleum!) and I plan to follow through with the paisley theme of the rug by stenciling paisleys in various sizes, in those three colors plus orange, on the back wall, which is now painted pale aqua. (Our whole library is in teals and purples, so I had to stick with the theme somewhat, but I'm going for brighter and more teen-friendly.) I need some signage to indicate a couple of sections, and am toying with the idea of doing some in watercolor, to put on the ends of the bookshelves. Here is one I tried out; I'm going to do a few versions, and then when I'm happy with it, I will do three or four signs like this for "Teen Fiction," "Manga and Graphic Novels" and so on.

Here are the chairs:

And here are some of our ancient but sturdy bookshelves:

More to come...