19 March 2017


Well, I almost let the rest of the weekend go by without painting anything but...along about 5:00 today, I thought to myself, Hey, spring flowers! Paint some! The problem is, except for some pink heather and a few tiny white rosebuds, the only spring flowers showing their faces in my yard right now are...nasturtiums? What? Not exactly what you think of as representative of spring—that would be more along the lines of daffodils or sweet peas, or maybe some ranunculus. But no. All that rain last month triggered some scattered and partially buried seeds from last year's summer crop of nasties, and they all came up and bloomed. So here is my painting for spring: Nasturtiums.

I was going to put them in a nice vase, but nasturtiums are such homely flowers (not in the sense of ugly, more like common, regular, down to earth) that I decided a spare jar from TJ's would be just the thing. When I started the drawing at 5:15, I had some lovely cast shadows, but by the time I got done with it and was ready to paint, most of those had gone away. So I settled for a bit of reflection off the glass, which was stil barely there in the waning sunlight. Maybe next week I can start a little earlier!

Micron pen, watercolors, 75 minutes.