17 May 2019

Logo/identity, Draw with Me

I have wanted for some time now to change the picture on my Book Adept blog to one that is reading a book. I have just completed the drawing/painting for it, but I'm not so sure it's exactly right. I got my cousin Kirsten to take some photos of me to use as reference, and I happened to be wearing a pin-striped shirt, so when I painted this, I put in the stripes. But since I am lazy and also exacting and didn't want the pinstripes to become either a long, tedious project or messy because too thin, I made the stripes wider, and now the picture looks a little like I am a convict, albeit a turquoise-garbed one! I may end up doing this over again and changing the shirt to a plain turquoise T-shirt. For now, I am putting it up on the blog to see how it wears. Eventually I plan to have it on my business card, but we will see first whether or not this is the final.

I also did a little painting yesterday: Danny Gregory has a weekly thing on Thursdays now on the Sketchbook Skool Facebook page, called "draw with me," where he goes live for half an hour and you draw along with him whatever he happens to choose for the week. This week it was the sight outside your window. Since Danny lives in Greenwich Village, his view is just a bit more engaging than mine, in suburban Los Angeles! But I still paid heed to the assignment and did a fairly creditable picture of my back patio and part of the yard.

The color of my patio is much more a "Tuscan" yellow and less this brilliant lemony shade, but otherwise a fairly good likeness. I particularly enjoyed attempting to make the view catty-corner through the patio appear that it was partially obscured (as it is) by screening.

12 May 2019


Here are a few more people-doing-their-thing sketches, captured early morning at UCLA on Tuesday, and at a celebratory Mother's Day lunch at the Lazy Dog restaurant, today.

This isn't my family; they were all late! So I spent my time drawing the booth
across from me while waiting for my party to arrive.

Uniball pen, watercolor, in Moleskine sketchbook.

Also, a card that I made for my cousin Carol Sue; although this isn't the same one that I gave her. I had to paint it twice, because on this one (on the inside, not pictured) I spelled "MOTHER" without the letter E! Whoops.

Happy Mothr's Day! 😊