01 July 2017

World Watercolor Month begins!

Some of you may be aware of the brainchild of Charlie O'Shields, over at Doodlewash.com, of World Watercolor Month: 31 paintings in 31 days, during the month of July. It's for everybody who paints in watercolor--or who wants to try it for the first time--to share their watercolors. Everyone hashtags their work #worldwatercolormonth so that it pops up where it should. You can follow Charlie's blog, or see him on Facebook under World Watercolor Group. People post stuff there all the time--but July is a special effort.

One of the things on offer is a list of 31 prompts, in case you are out of inspiration. You don't have to use them; you can paint anything and everything during your 31 days. But the prompts are fun from the aspect of seeing how each artist interprets them.

Today's prompt was "Strong and Free." A lot of people interpreted it as something associated with our Independence Day holiday, coming up on Tuesday, and painted such things as eagles soaring in a blue sky; but you can equally go your own way, which is what I chose to do.

Here is MY version of strong and free:

It's a nice *strong* cup of French Roast coffee, with a double-entendre book: C. S. Harris's new novel about the American Civil War (in which the slaves were *freed*), and also, it's a library book, so I checked it out and am reading it for *free*.

Weird proportions and slightly wonky cup, but...first day's assignment fulfilled. See you tomorrow! #worldwatercolormonth