07 August 2016

Weekend sketches

Every Day in August prompt: A food

I called it "Fig Bandit." Never saw a Japanese Beetle in my life until the first harvest from my green fig tree ripened, and then they were everywhere! I have to be quick or I don't get a single undamaged fig. I also have to duck whenever I pick one, to avoid the cloud of beetles that rise from the tree!

And I guess this one also qualifies, although I just sketched my breakfast because it was there:

Egg, Facon (fake bacon), tomato, and cheese, on sourdough with a little mayo, and strong coffee to get me started.

The prompt from #WorldWatercolorGroup was "Favorite Vacation Spot." I'd have to go with Musée d'Orsay de Paris! I did this from a photo I took in 2013 when I was there for six hours. Perspective and angles are not my strong suit, but I tried to rock it like James Richards taught me in his Craftsy class on urban sketching.