13 March 2016

New days in March

I'm still not feeling entirely healthy, so I haven't been keeping up with the drawings, but last night and this morning I was inspired to do a couple of them.


I have had an ear infection for 2.5 weeks now. The antibiotics are done, and the hearing is slowly coming back, but my ears are still full of fluid. (The doctor did say it would take about three weeks to fully dissipate.) Yesterday, my chiropractor told me about a trick to drain them faster. It's an old wives' thing, but at this point I'm willing to try anything!

You cut an onion in half. You heat it up really hot so that steam and onion fumes are coming off of it. You wrap half the onion in a thin rag (like cheesecloth or a thin dishcloth) and hold it close to your ear (and right on the ear once it cools off enough). The theory is that the onion fumes, combined with the heat, go down the eustachian tubes and thin out the fluid, which dissipates faster. So today I tried it, and I actually think it might be working! If nothing else, though, the heat made my ears feel better. 

While I did the second ear, I snapped a selfie, and then I painted it. I call it, "Me, with onion, amazed." LePen and watercolor, about 30 minutes.

It's daffodil time at Trader Joe's, when they sell bundles of daffodils for $1.49 apiece. I always splurge and buy five or six bundles, and put them all over my house.

Since we are supposed to be challenging ourselves with new media, I used some Prismacolor markers that I recently bought but have never used. Green first, and then yellow. I used pencil for the vase, because it is gray, and because I wanted it to be unobtrusive below the vibrant daffodils.