24 January 2015

This week's sketches

Here are a couple of sketches from the past week of "sketch journaling." Today I am moving up from "Beginnings" to "Seeing" at Sketchbook Skool--I felt like I was in the wrong class and asked for a transfer, and they said yes! I'll keep reporting here...

Last Saturday's drawing at the wildlife refuge…in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, 500 yards down a path from 100 screaming 12-year-olds playing soccer, in the midst of freeways, busy surface streets, and office complexes, exists…this! A designated wildlife area with a lake and a large marshy field where all kinds of birds and beasties gather. I need to go back and paint a "real" picture, but NOT on a Saturday--the place was crawling with photographers, moms with baby buggies, and other noisy people who spooked the wildlife. Weekday morning, here I come.

And a lunchtime sketch at The Great Grill, in Burbank on San Fernando. They serve a great veggie burger and play oldies tunes in their jukebox that take me back to junior high. This was a great item to sketch--I'm getting tired of recording the condiments on my table!