28 September 2016

BBW Shelf-talkers

Here are the last of the Banned Book Week shelf-talkers that I'm going to have time to make. But I'm enjoying making these, and am going to focus on doing one or two every week to put up in my Young Adult Fiction section for regular books that I like and want to recommend. They're pretty fast and easy, and fun!

27 September 2016

More shelf-talkers

Tonight, I had a program at the library, but since someone from the outside was actually running the program (an SAT Essay Writing seminar), all I had to do, after checking in all the participants and doing a couple of announcements, is sit at the back of the room and make sure everything ran smoothly. Not wanting to be bored, I brought myself some busywork--some shelf-talker forms, some micron pens, and my Altoids mini watercolor kit--and made half a dozen shelf-talkers. The only problem I had was, I had only a hazy idea or memory of some of the books for which I wanted to make shelf-talkers, so I made headlines and artwork for a bunch, but only completed two. I'll finish the rest tomorrow, when I have access to the books (or to a computer) for a summary, and then I'll share those too. I really enjoy making these shelf-talkers!