12 June 2018

Elderly vegetables

Well, the most you could say for today is, "I painted." I got home early due to an afternoon doctor's appointment and thought, Okay, I'm days behind, let's do a couple of easy subjects to catch up a little, while it's still light out. So I pulled these tomatoes out of the fridge, and then I found the onion sprouting away in my cupboard (I haven't been home much), and set them up on the patio table.

The tomatoes weren't really that elderly, but by the time I got done messing up by slopping red over most of the green, they looked more tired than they were, with brown stems instead of olive green. The first one (on the right) is pretty true to life, but I somehow managed to paint the green tops too far away from one another, and trying to maintain the relationship between them (touching and partly blocking) meant that the second tomato inadvertently grew to the size of a misshapen mango. Oh, well. One of the issues with no preliminary drawing (and lack of good observation, it must be said).

I was happier with the onion—I managed to keep some of the colors fresh, and get a little bit of that papery feel of the skin as it comes off. But all in all, not my best work. So..."I painted."


Just to prove that I CAN paint a decent tomato, here's an old picture, "Caliente Cowboy" (done with pen, of course).