26 June 2016

Beatles' Song Prompt

I wasn't planning on doing an EDiJ sketch today, but my Kindle ran out of juice in the middle of my book, and after I finished washing a drainer-full of dishes, I decided to take a different kind of break.

This is from a photo off the internet, and there was no credit with it, so my apologies to whoever took this great reference photo! Perspective is always a challenge for me, so this one was good for me to attempt to get that vanishing point thing down. I didn't quite achieve it everywhere, but I made the background a bit vague on purpose to obscure that!

The prompt was the Beatles song "She's Leaving Home." Off to the big city! LePen 0.5, and watercolor. I tried my hand at a little spatter to make the sidewalk paint look a little more realistic, some of which worked like I wanted it to...I'm going to have to ask someone who puts spatter into their paintings regularly just how they DO that.