05 July 2015

July continues

I managed two prompts from the "Every Day in July" list this weekend:

"SUMMERTIME," which initially presented too many choices, but resolved itself after I got back from the produce stand and realized that all I had bought was stone fruit!

I wanted this one to be quick and "juicy," but it crossed the line into messy because I didn't have any patience to wait before moving to the next area/color. Can't do that, especially on sketchbook paper. Watercolor paper is a little more forgiving because the paint doesn't sit on the surface of the sheet.

"YUCK! (something that icks you out)" was the next day's prompt. I am squeamish about very few things--bugs don't "bug" me much, snakes are fine as long as we keep our distance from one another, and although the sight, sound, and smell of someone losing their lunch is probably the ultimate gross-out for me, who wants to paint that?! (or look at it)

But finally, in the observation of my little world, I realized the one thing to which I have a positive aversion: CLEANING. (Isn't English strange? that a negative association is a positive aversion?)

My mother and my ex-husband were both clean freaks, which may be part of the reason why I dislike doing dishes, I don't like to dust or vacuum or sweep, and I absolutely loathe cleaning the bathroom. (There are so many better things to occupy my time: painting, for instance! Reading. Sleeping.) So I did this nice picture of cleaning tools and materials, which mostly remain pristine in the cupboard. (I need a cleaning lady. Any offers?)

Those of you who think I'm crazy, the ones who feel an effervescent joy overtake you when you smell furniture polish, or who can't think of anything better than the pleasure of giving something a good scrubbing, can feel free to use your Photoshop tool to erase the word "Yuck!" and revel in this sketch for a different reason!