02 August 2011

Something I'd give away

Fruit! Do you ever get the "right" amount from the tree? My apricot tree gives me 10 if I'm lucky, while I have HUNDREDS of lemons, and I take bags of these little green figs to work with me for weeks every summer. Not complaining about the figs, though--they're yummy.

I started this painting last night at 7:00 when I got home from work, and ran out of light at 8:15, so I finished it up this morning--thus some confusion about where the shadows should have fallen. My biggest challenge with watercolor (well maybe second biggest--biggest is not overworking) is introducing true darks. They look dark--and then they dry and they're medium. Hmmm.

Didn't really plan to go so elaborate with the dish towel, but I needed something besides that white picnic table to put under the fruit, and all my fabric swatches had little flowers and things. In retrospect, probably easier to deal with than the dish towel! Anyway, here it is--fruit to give away. (Though I must confess I ate the figs for breakfast.)

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