04 October 2011

EDM Challenges 2, 14, 32, ???

Trying to work in a bunch of challenges in one pic. This is "what I see in the morning when I get up" (#14), which is my bedside table; "a lamp" (#2), "something metallic" (parts of the lamp and the top of the table, though I couldn't make the table top look like metal) (#32), and also #27 ("draw a book"), though I've already done that a bunch of times!

This one broke my heart--I was 90 percent done, and pretty happy with it. I decided to put some shadows on my (white) walls behind the lamp, made one hasty and too-dark stroke of gray onto dry paper, and couldn't lift it. So I made the walls turquoise and accentuated the light-fall to camouflage it, but it didn't work all that well. I Photoshopped this a bit to get rid of the worst of it. Guess I won't be framing the real one.

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