07 January 2012

Quick sketching

I have resolved to bring art into every day this year, so when I went to the salon to get my hair color "refreshed" today, I took along a sketchbook and made a quick, three-minute sketch (with a very soft pencil I had in my purse) of one of the hairdressers taking a break and texting someone while talking to the receptionist. I tried to grab a couple more sketches while I was there, but unluckily chose hairdressers each time who were just finishing up with their clients, so I only caught the head of one and the legs and back of the other before they moved to another location, so this was the only semi-complete sketch. Drawing is not my favorite thing--I'm too impatient to get to the painting--but after seeing some of the miraculous colored pencil creations of artists on Every Day Matters, I've decided I need to go back to basics and do some drawing too. EDM Challenge #129--draw people doing something.

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