15 May 2012

Contour drawing for 75 days?

My pursuit of the "artistic license" began yesterday. For now, I am being faithful about doing only contour-line drawings in pen. This may change as the 75-day period progresses, but I am going to pursue this kind of drawing to sharpen my eye, hone my sense of perspective, and learn to really look at what I'm drawing instead of reproducing what I THINK is there. It may get boring to look at, so I'm not going to post every blessed drawing, but I thought I'd start with a few.

Here is my footstool with my book and glasses. Yes, the book IS beginning to levitate off the footstool--it is a magic book. I specialize in drawing those.

Here is the top of my bookcase, with an array of framed photographs. Making your way around all of this with contour line is tricky and messy. I think I used about four lines for this.

And here are my most available and faithful models, Beatrice and Miniver, the one usually somnolent and therefore offering a perfect opportunity for drawing (although the poses remain quite similar), the other stately and languid, but prone to jumping up to howl and nip her sister at a moment's notice (she has thyroid issues that make her crazy).

I'm hoping to find time to paint something this weekend.

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