29 July 2012

How does drawing make you feel?

Every Day Matters member Jane LaFazio posted recently that she had sent some interview questions to Danny Gregory, author of Everyday Matters, An Illustrated Life, The Creative License (etc.), and that he had surprised her by using her questions to make a video, which he then sent to her, and which is also posted on YouTube (here). So I watched the video, and was struck by his answer to one question about how frequently he draws and paints. He commented (which I find to be true) that once you skip one day, the next day becomes easier to skip, and then a week goes by, and soon you have lost the habit. And then later, once you overcome your inertia and start drawing again, you wonder why you ever quit, because it's so fun...but then it happens again...

He was also talking about how, when you get out of the habit, there is a certain reluctance or even dread to starting again that is illogical but nonetheless real and present, and then queried, "Should drawing be like going to the dentist? or should it be like eating a hot fudge sundae?" Should it be a should, or might it be a treat instead? Obviously, we would like for it to feel like giving ourselves a treat, but sometimes conquering the inertia is difficult. So I decided today to bypass the painting I have been trying and failing to make for the past couple of weeks (because it's been feeling like dread to start on it) and instead illustrate his question...

Thanks, Jane, for posting the video!

A comment on painting hot fudge...it's a lot harder than you would think! It's drippy up top, but once it's down inside the glass, it's smooth.

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