11 August 2012

Contour line with words

We did several drawings/paintings (Brenda calls them sketches) for our first day of the workshop today. The idea of sketch journaling is to make the piece a combination of drawing, painting, and words, preferably creating something with a title in stylized lettering. Since I am a type and lettering fanatic, this is fun for me! The first part of the day we did exercises using as models the junk, er, treasures that we all (and Brenda) brought from home, including old dishes, bottles and jars, tools and implements, plastic fruits and vegetables, etc. As usual with Brenda, our drawing is all contour line in pen, which makes for some irregularities but also lends a freshness and immediacy to the drawing, I think.

I found this teacup in the pile, and let the pattern (roses) dictate the headline, and then went on to incorporate a remembrance of my mom's teas. She had about 20 teapots, not to mention all the accessories, teacups, strainers, sugar bowls, etc. to host a tea for 30 or more people, which she did frequently for several years running--sometimes just for fun, and sometimes as a fundraiser for her church. She would cook and bake for days, and serve an amazing array of tea-type savories and sweets (some of which are listed at the bottom of this picture), all delicious and all beautifully presented. We miss you, Mom (and not just for your piecrust, although I wish I had gotten the knack...).

I will share more later, but it's midnight and we start again at 9:00 a.m.!


  1. Beautiful sketch, beautiful colors and wonderful memories as well.

  2. II love your tea cup so much that I Pinned it to my 'I Love Tea' folder on Pinterest!

  3. Oh, how lovely this drawing! I really like it so much.
    But than again I'm fan of tea and teacups.
    Have a great weekend!