07 October 2012

Oops! Delible issues!

I decided while I was waiting for my show to come on at 9:00 that I would go back and paint one of my drawings from today. Imagine my surprise when I painted blithely over my first batch of bricks and discovered that the Stabilo pen I had used was not indelible! Much bleeding ensued. I went ahead and persevered (carefully), but this rather muddy mess was not what i had in mind for this picture! I'll try this one again with a waterproof ink and produce it with true colors.

Brenda Swenson frequently uses delible inks (like Tombow markers) and somehow makes beautiful paintings in which the bleed is incorporated and enhances the subject; I have not figured out how to do this yet, obviously!

I took some good reference photos today and am looking forward to painting some other versions, close-ups, other elements, etc. later in the week. What a fun short field-trip this was! Now I have my eye out for other unusual places/things to paint within five miles of my house.

Below is a photo of the place so you can get the overview.

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