07 December 2012

Lousy reason to draw

My house was burglarized on Wednesday while I was at work. They took my TV and my (new iMac) computer, but what really hurt was the jewelry. I love earrings and pins, and I have been collecting vintage, one-of-a-kind specimens for almost 30 years. They were unique and mostly irreplaceable, and they are all gone. The thief overlooked two brooches and one pair of earrings that were not in my jewelry box (plus three or four singles that fell on the floor, thanks so much), so with the pair I was wearing, that's two, where I probably had 40 pairs--all colors, styles, sizes, to go with every outfit.

Also, of course, I had incorporated my favorite pieces from my mother's jewelry collection, and those are gone as well, including the rhinestone bracelet and earrings set I drew previously for this blog.

The policeman who took the report said that if there were any unusual pieces it would help to have details, because it was much more likely they would catch someone if the item was unique, so I gave him a couple of descriptions. The next morning, when I woke up, I realized that I know my jewelry pretty well, and that I could DRAW PICTURES of it to help with the search. So I sat down and drew two pages' worth and watercolored them. Here is page one.

I don't really expect to get anything back, but it was worth a shot. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will have some better subject for art.

(By the way, this is an out-of-focus photo from my Droid, because without the computer I can't use my scanner. And I'm not buying a new computer until I first replace the two busted doors and the garden gate!)

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