18 August 2013

Cookie Ingredients

If you have been looking at these posts regularly, you saw the one with the baking ingredients gone awry (click if you want to see). So today I decided to retry that one, but with some changes. Since I already used the cinnamon in the picture with the molasses for the gingerbread recipe, I reunited the flour (I love that logo!) and vanilla and added chocolate chips, since we have two cookie recipes calling for those in the cookbook.

I sat down to do the painting and thought, "That chocolate chip package is pretty long, better do this landscape instead of portrait." But . . . then I started drawing the flour bag in the dead center of the page! When I got done drawing it and the vanilla, I realized that the huge bag of chocolate chips (they didn't have the small size, so I had to get the economy size at the market instead) wasn't going to fit in the remaining space! So . . . I truncated it--I pushed it farther away from me on the table, put it at an angle, and went for some folds and things to minimize the size. It more or less worked . . . and fit onto my page with about a quarter inch to spare! You only see a few letters of "Toll House" but with Nestlé and the distinctive color of the bag, I think everyone will know what it is!

I like the flour bag, but am less pleased with the vanilla than I was the last time I painted it--the lettering went on crooked and (again) since it was in pen, I couldn't do much to fix that. But it's not disturbing enough for another redo. I was much happier with the shadows--I didn't go so crazy trying to replicate every detail but just put in the basics, and I think they work well enough.

I meant to do two more illustrations today, but I just ran out of momentum (and daylight). I'm going to go do something mindless for awhile, and maybe do another one tomorrow night. I only have two to go!


  1. I love this one. The shadows are really nice. I don't see one thing wrong with the vanilla bottle...that wonkiness gives it character. Pat yourself on the back and don't be so nit picky. You did great!

  2. Lovely drawing! I really like how everything is reflective, great use of negative space!