03 August 2013

Nectarines masquerading as Peaches

Okay, I confess it--I was supposed to illustrate some peaches for a recipe, and all I had in the house was nectarines, so I thought, "Who could tell the difference in a painting?" The thing is, I think I can!

There's something smoother and richer in color about nectarines as opposed to softer (in texture and in color) about peaches, and for all my efforts, these look like nectarines to me. What do you think? Can I get away with it? Or do I need to head out to the farmer's market tomorrow morning and get some real peaches to draw and paint?

Overworked shadows, as usual. Somebody has to tell me "the secret."

Next drawing: Something with packaging. I'm getting burnt out on veg and fruit.


  1. Darn it they do look like nectarines smart to try. Do you put your objects on white paper? Sometimes when I'm having trouble keeping the shadow real to my eyes I'll do that.

  2. Yep, you were too good to fake it! Definitely nectarines! (And now i'm going to dive into the punnet of organic ones I have just bought!) :o)
    I like your shadows...looks like they're sitting on a shiny worktop.

    1. Punnet-I love that word!

      Thanks re: shadows--Brenda Swenson taught me the trick of bleeding in the color of the object, and I think that's what makes it look reflective.

  3. Oh yeah. Nectarines (yum) without a doubt. Excellent nectarines.

  4. Looks like the consensus is, do-over! Okay, I'm off to get peaches.

  5. Lovely...great for hot weather like what we have here in Houston. :D