24 August 2013

The last drawing...

. . . for the library cookbook! Yes, I have finally done all that I can do. The cookbook must be produced very soon (thankfully not by me), and this is my last illustration. In case you can't tell what it is, it's a quiche! We had, I think, three quiche recipes submitted, so I went with the one with spinach, just to be able to add any other color than yellow/brown or a shade thereof (between crust and egg, there's not much else). I also made the pie pan blue, just for fun.

This was a more challenging drawing than some, since the crust and the dish were easy to delineate but the filling was more wet-in-wet and ended up looking like it didn't belong in the same illustration. I compromised by going back in afterwards with some pen squiggles meant to further define the green and brown bits, and I think it's at least recognizable as a quiche?

Honestly, I don't much care--I'm done! I have to admit, though, that this has been a good assignment, because it's given me regular practice, not to mention momentum. I probably won't be posting much art here for the next few weeks, but then (hopefully) I will be posting a LOT of art, because I'm taking a vacation (a proper, 10-day vacation) at the end of September, when I will be going to, drumroll, FRANCE to paint for an entire week in the country!

Between now and then, though, will be many mundane, time-consuming weekend tasks that won't include much painting. Unless I get inspired by something or other. Stay tuned.


  1. I have really enjoyed all the cookbook drawings and will miss seeing what's next each day! Enjoy your travels!

  2. Nice! It must be so much fun putting this together.

  3. Your Vacation sounds as good as mine - as I am going to France too!