11 August 2013

Today's efforts

One man-made (well, nature-made but then caught, killed, and canned for convenience), one nature-made, although purposefully grown for market.

First, Charlie Tuna. The top of the can is a little wonky as to angle--I still have trouble with perspective. It's an unending fight between what my brain knows to be true (it's a circle) and what my eye sees from an angle (it's an ellipse). Brain and eye compromised a little here, so it's not quite right--in fact, now that I really see it, it kind of looks like the lid is sinking into the can! I may have to do this one over...

And, a nice bunch of organic celery. As with the broccoli from the other day, it's hard to get the layers of organic material all in there, but at this point, as long as it resembles what I intended it to be, I'm happy.


  1. You've nailed that bunch of celery! I can almost smell it. The can of tuna is super too.

    1. Thank you! I did edit the top of the can of tuna--if you look back at the blog (take off everything after .com in the url) you can see it.