12 October 2013

Addenda to the last few blogs

Bix and Jane posted some pictures on Facebook, so I borrowed a few to flesh out what I've already written.

Here is Jane, demonstrating for us on the first day. She painted a picture of a paintbrush to show us the water-bleed technique, first doing a simple one wet on dry, and then painting it again and dousing it with water to show how you can use it selectively to give either a hard or a soft edge.

Here is another example of the "lift out" technique (in which you make a wash, wait for it to get to the perfect moment between wetness and dryness, and then lift out your design with a dry brush), beautifully illustrated by Giovanna's seed pods, lifted out of sepia paint:

Here we are on our sketch outing at the chateau/hill fort:

And here are the inspiration for and the products of our painting--Cristina gathered nature's detritus every time she went for a walk, and created this beautiful wreath; Jane painted these hops from a strand Cristina found by the side of the road, the seed no doubt dropped by a passing bird; and someone (not sure who did this one) painted this beautiful daisy. 

The daisy and the hops illustrate the technique of painting around your whites with clear water (or with some color), then dropping in a series of washes, which run into the wet parts of the paper but go around the dry parts, forming the flower. Then when it's all (or mostly) dry, you can go back in and do some negative painting (dark around light) to give it definition and depth.

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