19 March 2014

More book fan art

When I like a book, sometimes I feel inspired to make some art to go with a review of it. This one is for Bad Girls Don't Die, by Katie Alender, our sixth/seventh grade book club book for this month, and I have to confess that this one defeated me.

It's hard enough to paint a human but to paint a doll, which is trying to look like a human, while keeping it looking like a doll, is crazy hard. Especially if you're trying to make it look like a crazy, possessed doll. This one looks rather vacant, not very eerie or threatening, which was the point.

I was pretty happy with the dress, but the hair and the face left me dissatisfied. Just to give you a hint of the back story: Possession by little girl who died at the hands of other little girl bullies, eyes of the doll glow bright green when inhabited by her. Pretty creepy!

Kirsti, I was going to dedicate this one to you, but I'll have to try again and use a creepier model.


  1. Hi Melliott, so nice to see you on Friday Sketches. I couldn't find your peaches, but your other sketches are wonderful. Hugs xx

    1. Yes, I messed up that linking process. Here they are: