15 June 2014

Noodling about

Well, on the down side, no housework achieved this weekend.

On the up side…

Tried out a bleach-spray process for decorating T-shirts using steampunk stencils, for a workshop we're doing later in the summer with our teens at the library… (you definitely should wear gloves and goggles for this…and keep paper towels handy!)


And tried out some character sketches for a story book I'm considering…


  1. The drawings are gorgeous. As for bleaching clothes, I have done that too but surely someday they will just fall apart. Stencils are a good idea though. Not tried that. Bx

    1. Last year we did bleach pens--it worked well, and so far t-shirts intact (at least mine is). We're also going to use stencils with fabric paint--didn't get to those yet.

  2. That little girl portrait is absolutely beautiful! I love the expression on your face. Really beautiful!