07 January 2015


A few more drawings from my week's documentation…

Tuesday night's 10-12 Book Club read Winger, by Andrew Smith. It was a controversial choice, provoked a lot of discussion, and received ratings ranging from 10 out of 10 to 2 out of 10 to "I refuse to read this book!" Here's yesterday's cover of the cover:

This morning it was a perfect sunny 72 degrees out on this California "winter" day, so I spent some time in the yard, watering and sketching. I'm not great with the foliage (getting impatient and short-handing it and then faking it with some paint to cover up my deficient drawing skills), so I purposely didn't add color to this one:

Maybe I will later.

I worked 12-9 today because we had a rehearsal for our upcoming Readers' Theater program (NOT So Happily After, some retold fairy tales by Roald Dahl and Ron Koertge), so on my dinner break beforehand I went to Wahoo's for a burrito and did a little drawing while waiting for my food to come. I painted it after I got home. I was trying for a particular look for the blue linoleum table top, but it didn't really work out, so it's kind of smudgy. And I haven't got the hang of spatter yet, so it went everywhere on my desk except where I was aiming it. I hope it looks like hot sauce and not like arterial spray!

Anyway, that's my week so far. More to come...

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  1. Hello Melissa,
    What great sketching/painting.
    I think the garden drawing is superb!