08 February 2015


We were supposed to do seven selfies this week for Sketchbook Skool. I already posted one below (with earmuffs); here are two more. Not sure I'll make it to seven, the next week's lesson has already started!

Did this one in the mirror--it's a little round ceramic-framed one I hung by the door to check myself before I leave in the morning. We were supposed to do one with a strong light source, with the face divided into light and shadow. It's hard to draw yourself in the mirror, because you get that pursed-up, concentrating look on your face and it's not very attractive! Also, somehow the horizon line of the eyes got out of whack. Oh well, fun and colorful if not accurate. Micron pen #5 and watercolor.

Took a photo in the mirror to get the back of my head, and then did this as a continuous-line contour drawing. I did the entire braid, top to bottom, in one continuous line, except for two lines that I went back and added later, because the head looked too narrow. Then I put in the neck and sweater with three more strokes. Micron pen #5.

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