10 May 2015

EDiM #8, out of order

I was too concerned with getting the reading log cover illustration completed to pay attention to the EDiM assignments, so here is #8--something with a handle, out of order, done quickly to fulfill the prompt. Hey, every single one can't be well thought out and lovingly crafted!

This was interesting, though, because when I glanced at the handles on this dresser, they looked symmetrical and identical on either side, but when I started to draw one, it was not, exactly. All the same elements were there, but there were a couple in different order, top to bottom, and one side had an extra flourish the other didn't have. (At first I thought I had just missed something, but no!)

This is from an old mahogany bureau that my mom painted turquoise back in the '80s. It sounds like sacrilege, but it's actually beautiful that way. Ruins the antique value, of course, but is perfect for the bedroom, where it has ended up as my clothes dresser, although I think it was perhaps originally a dining room sideboard meant to hold silverware and linens.

It's so dim in the bedroom that there wasn't much bouncing light to make this shine as metal. I probably should have preserved a few white highlights just to give it pizzazz, but as I said…quick and dirty.

And now I have to paint #10, "something you can turn on/off" for today and I will be caught up.

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