16 May 2015

EDiM continues, slowly

It's not good when something you took on for fun and practice becomes more like a chore or job. I'm going to catch up with these this weekend and then perhaps it won't feel like pressure any more, it will feel like fun again! I really want to do #16 NOW, but I'm taking these in order, so here are:

#10: Something you can turn on/off

As a librarian, it is one of my tasks to get everyone in the library to turn these OFF. Ha ha ha. This one is mine, with a screensaver of my cat Dante in the background. I'm trying out a new technical drawing pen, called "LePen," and I'm liking it--it feels a little softer, smoother, and more flexible than my usual Micron. And it's cheaper! Always nice.

#11: A hat, cap, or other headgear

I wanted to draw the hat/cap/headgear ON someone, but the weather has been too warm for most people to wear hats, so I was just about to resign myself to drawing one of my hats on my coat rack when we had a rainy day and Hailey showed up to book club Wednesday night in her Dr. Who-inspired Tardis hat. I snapped a quick photo before book club started, and drew this when there was time. It was an odd pose, so I didn't get much of her face/expression, but so typical of a teenager--staring at her cell phone. In the library. See above.

Reproducing plaid is not one of my cultivated skills, so I phoned it in a bit--she had a plaid shirt wrapped around her waist, so the pattern was folded over a lot and therefore pretty random. And the hair shading? The top half of her hair is brown and the tips are blonde, it's not just a bad paint job!

A sweet girl, and a good sport to let me photograph and paint her.

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