17 May 2015

Two more for May

I started doing them out of order, although still within the ones I have missed. I'll get to them all eventually! Here are:

EDiM #13: The last thing you bought

Technically, that would probably be cat litter, but who wants to paint that? So instead, a skirt I just received in the mail from eShakti.com. It is just below knee-length, and is gathered/pleated onto a waistband and has wonderful rows of tucks around the bottom of the skirt, the bottom one decorated with a same-color tiny strip of flat braid. Their clothing is so creative. I started drawing it and realized I couldn't fit the whole skirt into my square sketchbook, drawing at the scale I had started, so instead I stopped and did a "detail" circle.

EDiM #15: Something you could throw (or give) away

This sweet potato has been waiting patiently on my counter to be turned into soup, and while it waited, hidden behind a large carton of rice milk for which there was no room in the cupboard, it decided that it was not done living yet. So it sent out a LOT of healthy sprouty leaves. Since I've heard it's not a good idea to eat potatoes after they have sprouted, I considered tossing it onto the compost heap, but then I thought better of it, looked up online how to grow sweet potatoes, and discovered that if I scrape these leafy things off the potato and put them in a shallow bowl of water to sprout, I can plant them and have my own plants. So into the water they go, and if they're ready this coming weekend, that's what I'm going to do!

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