20 June 2015

EDiJ: Fashion

The prompt of "fashion" didn't really inspire me--I'm not a trendy person--so I started looking through my "reference photos" file to see if anything provoked an idea. Nope. But when I switched over to Family Photos, there was Mom, at age 33, with the one really extreme hairdo she ever went for--a marcel wave. It was such a departure for her that I decided it should be memorialized, and that fashion could encompass hair as well, so I did a close portrait of her, taken from this photo of the three of us.

I had to extrapolate colors, since the photo was black and white, but she loved pink so the pink and green figured dress was a natural assumption. The big boatneck on the dress is also a fashion statement--Mom was always stylin'.

Portraits are tough. The essential thing to capture is the most difficult--the expression and sparkle in the eyes. I didn't quite get it here--she looks a little more static and not as lively as she did in the photo. But I think the likeness is fairly good.

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