07 June 2015

Every day in whatever month this is...

I dropped the ball with Every Day in May because of the painting for Daryl, but then discovered Every Day in June, so I've been giving those a shot, rather sporadically. I haven't shared anything here lately, so here are a few in a row:

"Shell game"—because I'm feeling snail-like in my progress!

"Music"—another view of the jukebox

"Clean sweep"—a quick 5-minute sketch while waiting at the car dealership

"Be Seated"—at the Americana at Brand, still waiting for the car. I was drawn to all the pattern!

"In the garden"

I sat on a chair on my lawn and stared straight up at this while drawing it, and then had to wait 10 minutes for my eyes to adjust to the light before I could paint!

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