26 September 2015


Can it really be two months today since I posted anything? That's shocking. Have I really been in an art slump for that long? And I don't have much to post today, just an incidental that took me about 10 minutes.

I have done one other piece of artwork in the past week, but it was for someone else's blog and she hasn't posted it yet, so I don't feel like I can put it up here until after she has. In a while. In the meantime…

The little boy across the street (he's two) decided this morning that he wanted to give me a flower, but then when it came to handing it over, he was so reluctant to let go of it that his grandmother took it from him and handed it to me. He looked a little forlorn, so I came home and painted him one he could keep, before I had my breakfast.

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