20 November 2015

The Swoon Society

As I mentioned before, my cousin Kirsten and her best friend Kirsti (we call them K2) recently started a blog called The S.W.O.O.N. (Stuff Worthy Of Our Notice) Society. It's entertaining and informative, and worthy of your notice! (See what I did there?) They comment on a mix of products, recipes for foods and beverages, interesting places, awesome people…whatever strikes their fancy and makes them swoon. They conveniently link you to all of those things, inviting you to participate. It's a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience.

Being the self-promoter that I am, I mentioned to Kirsten that it would be fun to illustrate one of her posts sometime, so she "commissioned" me (i.e., she said Okay, sure, if you want to!) to illustrate a piece about America Heritage Chocolate. Here is the post, and here is my illustration for it:

It's drawn with a micron pen in a sepia color (to give it more of an old-timey feel), and then finished with watercolor. I was pretty pleased with it, but what I'm really hoping for is a little tangible recognition, like a can of this stuff in my Christmas stocking! Thanks, swoony girls, for featuring my art!

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