07 January 2016

It's all about the weather

How fortuitous that the past two day's prompts have lent themselves perfectly to the climate in So Cal. For once the MegaDoppler 700 HD was right: El Niño has apparently arrived, right on schedule. Our Every Day in January prompts for these two days were:

Madder than a wet hen…


It's raining cats and dogs!

I wanted to try to capture this sense of falling so I looked online for photographs of pets that had been tossed in the air. I hope they landed well!

I don't often draw and leave it at that, but the pen alone seemed to be the right thing to capture the wetness and the anatomy of falling through the air. It's also obvious that my pen work could use some work, and that I need to expand my repertoire when it comes to pens--I did these with a Micron, but I'd love to try this again using a pen with ink that flows a little more freely. Time to go look at what the pen aficionados use and spend some salary at the art store!

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