03 January 2016

The sayings continue...

The next couple of days' posts are kind of a mess. Loved the concepts, didn't quite realize either of them. But…just because you fulfill the day's challenge doesn't mean you will always do it well, right?

January 3 was "hell bent for leather." I'm not sure I've heard that all together as one phrase before--I have heard "hell for leather" and "hell bent"--but when I heard it, I immediately thought of horses. So I went looking for a reference photo and found a beautiful one, which captured the blur of speed as a jockey and horse raced by on the track. My interpretation of it was distinctly inferior to the photo; I captured a bit of the feel of speed, but it's kind of a mess:

January 4's prompt is "a heart of gold," and since I am a child of the '60s, where else would I go when hearing that phrase but Neil Young? I combined some elements from various album covers and did a sketch. I painted the lettering first, and then did the background, so everything around the lettering got muddy and bled together; I guess it would have been better to do the background washes first and then paint over the top, but with the transparency of watercolor, I'm never sure what the order should be! I tackled this tonight because tomorrow it's back to work…we'll see how it goes for the remainder of January.

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