08 February 2016

Every day in February, and Tea

I finally got back to sketching via Liz Steel's teacups. I decided to try a few myself, and while they don't come up to her standards, I can see the fascination with trying different things--water soluble Tombow markers, painting without drawing first...I'm sure there will be more to come.

The first one is Tombow marker, and I realized, since it was soluble, that I'd better not draw the parts that I wanted to stay true to color, so I stopped with the marker and just painted from this point on. Things still got a little muddy--should have quit five minutes before I did.

This one was going to be a drawing with a new (also water-soluble) fountain pen, but I couldn't get the pen to work. I don't know if it's old ink (who knows how long these things sit on the shelf?), if the paper is clogging the nib, or what, but I got a few strokes out and that was all she wrote, so to speak. I gave up, drew this with my faithful Micron pen, and then painted.

Yesterday I got curious about whether there was an "Every Day in February" exercise (a little late!). There is. The theme is "travelogue," and each day is a country. You can paint anything to do with that country's landscape, flora and fauna, culture, or what have you.

Today, fortuitously, was "Greece," where I have always wanted to go, so I took a painting trip to Santorini. The intricate cluster of buildings on these cliffs is daunting when you dwell on each individual nook and cranny, so instead of doing that, I tried to squint and get the basic shapes. I penciled everything in lightly, painted, and then erased most of the pencil lines. It's not entirely a success--I think I needed to go a lot darker with shadows to provide more contrast for that bright whitewash--but I think it captures the feeling of the intensity of the light on Santorini.

I doubt I'll be able to keep up with the daily paintings, but I'll drop in when one is particularly appealing to me. (Ireland is coming soon...)


  1. Great sketches and great ways to push yourself into trying different things. I have a red watersoluble pen but never use it, your teacup is lovely!

  2. These are all delish.....Loving the Haiti one especially. May have to look up your Every day in Feb...travel sketching is my thing at the moment. Well done you Bx