09 February 2016


Today's travels were to take me to Haiti. There are lots of things that are sad about Haiti, particularly after the earthquake, and there are also lots of things Haiti's landscape has in common with many other places, so I wanted to find something distinguishable. The most beautiful thing about Haiti has to be its people, so that's what I decided to sketch. I loved the photo of this woman in her sassy coral-pink skirt, striding along the road with her giant bundle. Thanks to the unknown photographer who provided the source material!

This is drawn with LePen, and then watercolored. I had a little trouble with the perspective on the arms, with the result that her left arm is emerging from her armpit instead of extending from her shoulder, but otherwise I was happy with it. I painted the entire background first, let that dry, and then did the woman and her bundle, leaving the coral skirt until last.

Another country tomorrow! This is fun.

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