05 March 2016

Moving backward and forward

Two more for the EDiM prompts, one for tomorrow, and one for three days ago:

#6: FLAT

I'd just been reading The Princess Diaries for my 6+7 Book Club, and briefly considered painting Princess Mia (since all she does for 200-some interminable pages is complain about being flat-chested!), but I decided to be a bit more literal.


I love weird sayings that make their way into the English language to be used in other ways. I have often used the expression "sticky wicket" without knowing its precise derivation, so I looked up today, and came upon this beer namesake. (The sticky wicket itself is just a big plot of muddy grass, so not very interesting to draw/paint!)

Micron pen and watercolor for both. (We're supposed to be trying out new tools, but...what can I say? not into it right now. Maybe later. I did stick with the limited palette--we're not supposed to use more than three tools or three colors.)


  1. Both are good sketches, I especially like how you used your watercolours on the glass bottle to create the light reflections.

    1. Thanks, Cathy! I was trying to channel Dorrie Rifkin Friedman--have you seen her beer bottles? Really fun.